Doing more for less, seeing opportunity in new places, making the impossible... possible.

There was a time when specializing was critical to finding work in this industry.  Now, it seems, It's diversity that's getting the job done. Times have changed but that's ok because so have I and its made me a better Director, Editor, Photographer, etc.

Jack of all trades and master too. ; )



Peter Martinez


Urban Myth Studio is the most recent creation of director, photographer, editor and self proclaimed “techno-junkie” Peter Martinez.

It’s a full fledged production, photography  and post-production entity originating content in film as well as the digital mediums.  His clients cover the spectrum of advertising,  broadcasting, cable, record labels, Internet and interactive media.  The company is designed to be able to scale up or down to meet any client’s production requirements.  With an extensive pool of trusted freelance production talent,  Urban Myth can selectively staff each project.  This lowers overhead substantially and keeps more of the budget focused on production while also maintaining a world class production team.  All this leads to more time and resources dedicated to exploring the possibilities of every job.  Located in the creative hub of Brooklyn, Peter Martinez and Urban Myth are available for free consultations to discuss your project.